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Friday, December 29, 2006

40,000 Viewers... No big woop.

Ok... so last Thursday morning, I co-hosted the More show with Andy Carson.

DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID? I totally co-hosted an hour long, top-rated morning show with a local celebrity!!! It makes me tinkle a little. Me! Stay at home mom for the last 10 years...anchored a TV show! That's a little bit cool, right? Maybe it's just me...

So, let me just explain something....I am not a fan of public speaking. No, not a fan! I hated speech class, toastmasters, book reports, all of it! I sing regularly for thousands of people and I must admit, it is not a comfortable thing. I get up there, smile like I'm just fine, but inside my mind and body are screaming, "GET OUT OF HERE, YOU FOOL! RUN! HIDE! YOU ARE GOING TO TRIP, BURP, TOOT, CRACK, SOMETHING THAT WILL HUMILIATE YOU! SAVE YOURSELF, MAN! RUN! FOR THE LOVE OF..." Well, something like that... But no, I stay, sing and usually survive. You see, God likes to push my comfort zone. If God is asking me to do something, I just do it. I step out over the ledge and jump. No questions asked. All but one, "help me through it?" And...he always does.

That has been the case throughout this entire rollercoaster ride of "TV land." So, when I got the call to fill in and host the More show, I said, "Yes!" (gulp) Sure, no problem, I'd love to, right? Minus that whole terror thing, it's a great opportunity.

It was! I was extremely nervous for the first 3 minutes or so, so bad that my face was quivering when I smiled and my mouth was so dry I needed a saliva transplant, but.... then it went away! It was fun. I mean, really FUN! "I want to do it again" kind of fun!

Props to Andy who made me laugh the whole time.

He made me feel supported, sane and worthy of being there. You rock, AC!

What a rush! What a cool experience to add to my life. I loved it! One small step for one mom, one giant leap for "Mom-kind." Live your dreams, Mommies! Let your glory days be now! Feel the fear and keep going...even when your lip gets stuck on your dry teeth. Quiver and smile! God's got your back!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Coveting.... I Miss Mexico!

My good friend, Jenni, is in Mexico for her 10 year anniversary right now. I've been reading her blogs and her hubbie's blog, and I am extremely jealous! It's amazing how Mexican vacations all look the same from the outside. Tropical, warm and crazy fun! The picture above was the view from our room when Scott and I celebrated our 10 year this past June.

We stayed in Nuevo Vallarta at the Mayan Sea Gardens. This was the first trip we've taken together since our honeymoon! Although it was only 5 months ago, it seems like a lifetime has past! We had such a good time, we dream about going back. We'd love to go at least once a year when I get rich and famous (What? It could happen!)Well... hopefully it won't be another 10 years anyways.

I had to write about this so I could share a picture of Jenni on her trip.

Now, this looks like a woman who's embracing the culture and attitude of a Mexican vacation. Jenni is the one holding the ENORMOUS coconut drink. Don't judge, she, too, has four children and this is her first getaway with Matt in 10 years as well.

So.. just to share a similar pic from my trip:

Yes, I was lying on railroad tracks... They must put crazy sauce in the tacos.

Congratulations, Jenni and Matt! Jen, you kill me! Live it up kids, enjoy every second!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Hate To Be Cold...But I'm All About Free Love!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! Getting mighty cold here in the Northwest! I have to say, I absolutely HATE TO BE COLD! I'd move somewhere tropic, but next to cold, I hate to be hot. So...I whine, put on bulky sweaters, several pairs of socks, crank the heat and tough it out.

Scott and I had a chance to get away for the weekend without the kids (very rare), so we decided to embrace the cold and head east! We drove down the Gorge along the beautiful Columbia River to The Dalles. We met up with Victor Johnson (Scott's best bud from childhood) to rehearse for a Christmas gig he and I are playing at the Sunriver Lodge on December 23rd. (Victor is an awesome guitarist, singer, songwriter extraordinare! You should check him out, he's got a few really great kids albums that have seen much success!)

Next we stopped off in Hood River at another friend's art gallery, Westwind Frame and Gallery to see their new shop. Amazing place... Boy, we've got some talented and artistic friends! I really love Hood River. If it wasn't so far away from everything but the wind, we might consider living there. It's a cool town, full of wind-surfers and "northwesty" peeps. Very "hip Oregon."

We had reservations at Skamania Lodge, and we checked in at 4:00pm. Just the walk from the loading zone to the front desk almost killed me. You see, the wind chill factor is unreal in the Gorge. It actually hurts me an makes me scream. I develop instant tourette's! It's not good. We're talking crazy cold.

We checked out our room and it was quite cozy. I CRANKED the heat and made Scott go get all the bags and park the car. I'm the girl, that's how it works. Don't be mad... I had to deliver 4 children. I think we're even.

We wandered the lodge feeling 4 children light and free, and really enjoyed being out of the city and by ourselves. Saw a 70 something woman get handcuffed and hauled off by the fuzz. Not sure what that was about, but we were on our best behavior after that!

Dinner was amazing! We shared (because we're old and cheap!) the filet mignon and lobster tail entree, with sauteed shrimp on the side. YUM! We ate like kings! My stomach, however, called for a coup d'etat! (In case you were wondering...:

Main Entry: coup d'etat
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: seizure
Synonyms: coup, overthrow, palace revolution, power play, putsch, rebellion, revolt, revolution, takeover)

Yep...that's pretty much right on. But, it was worth it.

A cute woman who worked there approached me during dinner and said, "I LOVE YOU!" Not something you hear every day from a stranger, but I'm all about free love, so I said, "Thank you." She then explained that she loves the "It" Momsand watches us all the time! How cool is that... we have a fan in Washington!

We decided to put on the big fluffy white robes in our closet and head down to the hot tub for a dip after dinner. I figured with the bubbles in the tub, no one would know if I made my own. (heee! I can't believe I just wrote that! I'm not deleting it, either!)

The next morning... I slept in. This is something I love more than air. Scott, however, NEVER sleeps in, so he went swimming. He's more of a "go-getter" than I. I'm more of a sloth with mono. We ate lunch at the 6th Street Bistro in Hood River and played pool. But I wasn't winning enough, so we left.

The drive back to pick up the kids was peaceful, quiet, scenic and most important, very, very warm. Ah..love the heater.

All in all.. it was an amazing, restful, wonderful, winter weekend, even if it was so cold I wanted to hurt somebody.

Shout out to my mom and dad for watching the twinkies so we could get way. You guys rock!That is the best gift grandparents can give.

I LOVE YOU! Yes YOU! Everybody needs a little free love. TAKE IT!