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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Apparently.....we have a cat.

As a mother of 4 children, let's just say, I am not a "pet person." I think I used to be a "pet person" when I was young. (Which really means: when I was young and my parents were the ones who cared for my pets, yes, then, you could say, I was a "pet person.") But now that I am in charge of the feeding and bathroom habits of 4 little people, adding something else that poops and pees to my house sounds like an absolute nightmare. The closest we've come in the past 10 years to having pets is: 2 fish, 4 frogs (minus one....bless his soul) and some birds that lived in our chimney for a while....but their mom fed them and eventually they flew away.

So, how did we recently "adopt" this cat???? I have no idea... I need to review the tapes and go over the notes, but we definately have a cat. I actually went to Target and bought her a little kitty bed. I've purchased food for her for about 3 months now, and add it to the grocery list when it starts getting low. When I say "she" it's because I believe this is a girl kitty. You see, I'm not exactly sure. I am not too keen on the idea of getting close enough to her business to find out one way or the other, so...we're going with "she." In fact, we've actually named her. Are you ready for this???? Here it is:


Yes... she's a redhead (probably what finally won over Scott...hee-hee)and she's here to stay. She literally showed up on our back porch one day and never left. My mom always told me, "don't feed 'em or they won't go away." So, for a long time I just ignored her. I thought she'd eventually go back to her "real mom." I started to realize that she wasn't leaving, and she was getting pretty thin. The guilt set in and I broke down and gave her the only thing I could find that resembled food for a cat: gourmet tuna. She was pretty happy. She licked the bowl for 3 days.

5 Bags of catfood later, It's becoming more apparent that she's not going anywhere. Since we aren't ready for an indoor committment, she's got to be an outdoor cat. Problem is, IT'S FREEZING outside in Oregon right now. So, my "cat-hating-husband" went to the store and bought her a "warming light" and a box so she could snuggle up right outside our door during these cold nights.

First night... She was in heaven... It seemed like a good idea.....UNTIL...

We got up the next morning and went to check on her. She was not in the box. There was, however, a large burn hole in her bed. I can only imagine it must have gone something like this:

Me: "Night Sparkle... sleep good."
Sparkle: "Purrrrrr. Wow.. this is so warm. These people really love me."
(hours later)
Sparkle: "Sniff, sniff... Do you smell something? It's getting kind of warm in here. Sniff, sniff..."
(Next day)
Me: "Here kitty, kitty... Where is she?"
(Traumatized cat hiding in the near-by bushes)
Sparkle: "I'll never trust again."

Uh...I didn't say we were ready to be pet owners. Remember, she chose us......

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We have snow! We woke up this morning to about 3 inches of snow covering the ground. No school, of course, which means it's time for mom to dig out all the "snow gear."

Now, in Oregon, you only get to use "snow gear" every 5 years unless you go up to the mountain, so I had to work with what we had. All the bibs and snow pants were size 4T and below, so we had to improvise. Gloves... same deal. We have "pretty", cloth gloves for the cold, but not water proof, actually made for the snow gloves. My kids looked like a yard sale mix-matched bunch of happy ghetto eskimos!
They played, threw snow balls, made snow angels, a snowman, and got major snotty noses. Everything was perfect! Everything a snow day should be.
Until it was time to come in. Why is it they can play out there in the freezing cold for hours with glee and smiles...and then when you're taking off all the wet clothes, shoes and hats, everybody starts melting down and crying about how cold and yucky they feel? Hm? What?

It's in that moment when all four are crying and complaining that I, for one second, hate snow days! Fortunately, there won't be another one for 4 years, so I can work it out by then and try to buy some new "snow gear" in the meantime.

Oh, my sister lives in Alaska... She called this morning and I told her today was a snow day and she laughed at me. Everyone in her family not only owns up-to-date "snow gear", but they own snow shoes, ice-skates and ski's. I'd just be happy with gloves that fit.

Enjoy the snow!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Worth Every Mile

Just how far would you go for good pizza? Ok, so how about for good friends? Apparently, we'd go to all the way to Vancouver, which might as well be Cuba from where we live.

You see, our very good friend Matt
was having a birthday and his FAVORITE pizza place is in Vancouver, Washington. So... a bunch of us made the trek out to the "Couv" to celebrate his special day.

Matt's favorite menu selection is the meat-lover's combo called the "hefty ho." This name made for endless jokes and remarks, all of which should not be posted. I'm told that after eating this pizza, one gets the "meat sweats." This was confirmed by a newcomer to the dish when I saw her today, the morning after. Yes, Jenni,
said her experience with the "hefty ho" was one she will never forget. Not for the faint of heart or faint of any other organs...

Yes, the pizza was great. Yes, the drive was long. But the thing I am most aware of after this night is that I have an amazing group of friends in my life. Everyone wants "that group" that you will grow old with. Your kids grow up with their kids and they all call you Auntie. You can be yourself around this group of friends and know that they will always have your back. They make you laugh and together you face the challenges of life that make you cry. These are the people who will pray for your marriage, help raise your kids and pick you up when you are down.

So, the drive to the "Couv", pizza, drinks and video games = $50 bucks. Spending time with "that group" when you get there = worth every mile!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Too Much?

Today was "red" day at pre-school.

Is this over the top? (Underwear were red, too.) I guess I'm making up for all the "color" days where I totally forgot! It's a little awkward when your kid shows up in green and white stripes and the rest of the class is in yellow. Even at 3 yrs old, they know something's up. "One of these things is not like the other...." And you get the sad "oh's" and looks of pitty from the teacher and other moms. It's.. uh, not good.

He does look like a cute little Rashneesh, though.....

Happy Red Day! I'll let you know how Green Day turns out.....wish me luck!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Urban Gig

Had a gig at Urban Rhythms Coffee Company last Saturday night. Good times...We recently got new sound equipment. (And when I say "we", I mean Aaron, my drummer, bought it and I act like it's mine, too.) The gear is amazing, but we are still learning to use it, tweak it, dial it in. (Again with the "we.") The potential for this gear, is amazing! I cannot stress how much quality gear changes your entire sound! It is SO IMPORTANT not to use crappy gear! I'm psyched! So, thanks Aaron, for making the investment, and letting me mooch and tag along for the ride!

Over-all, I believe it was a relatively good night. I am my worst critic, so I won't go into painful detail at how many mistakes I think I made, because it really doesn't matter, right? It's not perfection we strive towards, it's expression.

Carl Johnson, my guitarist, brought his lovely wife, Elizabeth and their TWIN 8 month old boys: Jack and Keenan for the first time to a gig. We played an original song Carl wrote for Elizabeth and she got to hear it come to life for the first time. Very cool.

Best part by far was all the friends and family who came out to support me/us. You guys rock! Mean it!
It's a strange thing... inviting people to come hear you sing. It's like, "Hey, come listen to me...uh, sing. Look at me... I'm singing...la de da." Feels almost embarrassing to anyone other than my mom. My mom would crash a stranger's wedding if she knew I were singing at it! (Seriously, she is the ULTIMATE supportive parent!) But for everyone else, those who didn't give birth to me, thank you for coming out to lend your time, support and love. I just want you to know that it means a lot! A real big lot! Ok, I'll stop before I get too mushy. Sniff....

Love you all! I'll try to give a heads up before my next gig, incase anyone else wants to get in on the love fest....