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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Just A Red-headed Step Child

Yep.... that's me, I was a red-headed step child. I found some pictures from my childhood, and thought I'd take you all on a walk down memory lane.
This is my sister, Angie and I at the Japanese Gardens in Portland. I was pretty much attached to my sister's hip most of my childhood. She was 3 years older than me and extremely cool. I never wanted her to leave my side. When I say never....I am not exaggerating. Early co-dependency. I remember starting the 3rd grade at a new school and CRYING my eyes out when she walked me to class and left me there. She was a mature sixth grader, you see, and needed to get to her class and begin her reign of coolness. Still... she left me. Sniff.....I'm over it now, though....sniff, sniff.

As you can see, we were well dressed. Recently I was live on the MORE show in Las Vegas and the question of the day was, "What was the worst outfit you can remember wearing as a child." My answer was, "a polyester stars and stripes number." Well... Here it is, people! Odd, actually, since my parents were hippies, that they were rockin' the patriotic look on their offspring, but what-ev. And naturally, my sis is sportin' the awesome pimp coat. Ah... you gotta love being a child of the seventies. Apparently, anything goes. The hot babe in the middle is my grandma, Irene Johnson. She had a wonderful assortment of wigs and leisure suits that Angie and I played with as well.

This is the only time in a girls life, when it's "cute" to have little dimples showing underneath your dress when you sit "criss-cross-applesauce." Uh....as you get older, the cute thing goes away....grown ups are much less forgiving of that sort of thing. Bummer.

I think this is my all-time, favorite picture of me as a child. I'm sitting on the lap of my step-grandma, Phyllis Buskers. Look at me. I'm a rock-star! I'm sort of dancing to the beat of my own drum here. My sister is totally doing the "proper" child pose. But me.... no way. I imagine I was like, "Let's party, MICHIGAN!!!! ... do you guys know how to limbo? Make me another Shirley Temple, Gramps!"

You know.... childhood is full of good and bad. I certainly have some stories, but these pictures show that through it all, there were times when I was ok, maybe even happy. Just like now, I think I'm happiest when I can just be myself. A little weird... a little "off".... and not afraid to sit "criss-cross-applesause!"

Rock on!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What is an "It" Mom?

This logo kills me.. it's hysterical! But that is another blog...

Ok, so, the "It" Moms are a little over a year old now! I would have never guessed that the project that started as an experiment has become something incredibly near and dear to my heart! Marni and I share a love for moms and a desire to encourage their health and well-being. We are thrilled to be a part of something positive that gives moms a little boost of inspiration and laughter every now and then.
So, as I was reflecting on the year, I wrote down these thoughts... Blessings to all the "It" Moms out there!

What IS an “It” Mom?
By Holly Resnick

I know what you’re thinking…but don’t worry! It’s not a look, a style, an attitude, and income level or a dress size! Nope, there is no special club or elite standard you have to meet to be an “It” Mom. Just by being a mom who loves her children, you are automatically an “It” Mom.

As moms, we are everything to our families: comforter, friend, nurse, referee, chef, maid, coach, fan, teacher, shoulder to cry on and much, much more. Simply put, you are “IT!”

When we become mothers, something inside changes, and yes, for the better! We no longer live solely for ourselves and our own success, but our focus becomes the blessed task of helping these precious lives we helped create become healthy, happy, whole little people. That is about as “it” as it gets!

An important part of raising healthy kids is to make sure that we keep ourselves healthy as well. Remember, our children watch EVERYTHING we do! They see if we are happy, they see if we are healthy, they see if we are whole and they will model a life that we show them to live.

An “It” Mom is someone who makes sure she is thriving as a woman in order that she may thrive as a mom. Life after baby only gets better if we keep in mind that our life does not end when our child’s begins. Our body, mind and spirit are essential to the health of the entire family. After all, “Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

What is the “It” Mom remedy for success? A steady dose of laughter, learning, creativity, activity, new experiences, growth and dream chasing will cure the ailments of any mom who might find herself in a rut. With this kind of life balance, she’s able to juggle the never-ending needs of her family, and still nurture the wonderful individual she was created to be.

So, how does she do it? Baby steps, of course! Just start by taking a little time each day to be still and listen to your heart and body telling you what it needs. Even if the answers seem outrageous, listen and take it in. Then, share your thoughts, dreams and goals with trusted friends. Mothers are a community that thrives on the support and encouragement of one another. These women will be your cheering section and sounding board for all the ups and downs on this incredible journey.

What’s next? GO FOR IT! Try something new. Reach a little past that mushy comfort zone and challenge yourself. Add a new dimension to your life and just see how it feels. Don’t let fear of failure keep you from a new experience that will enrich your life. Free yourself to make mistakes and pepper everything with tons of laughter! Life can be so serious and our role as mothers can be the most intense of all. We need to get rid of the June Cleaver “image of perfection” that

holds all of us hostage from looking a little more like Lucille Ball every now and then!

“It” Moms, our glory days are now! This is the time we should be living life to the fullest! Now, when the little ones in our care are watching our example. Live, love, laugh, change a few diapers, clean the toilet, go bungee jumping and laugh some more. But by all means, mommies, LIVE well! This is your legacy. Don’t miss out on your adventure! YOU are “IT!”

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What Happens In Vegas....


I just got back from Las Vegas. This was my maiden voyage to Sin City. Seeing as how I have never even so much as bought a lottery ticket in my entire life, the idea of gambling escapes me. I don't get it. But we'll get more into that later....

I went to Vegas for work. Yes... work. I headed down with a crew from KPTV/Meredith to shoot a special on the Kitchen and Bath show they are hosting in May. I will be a co-host along with Jason Feinberg of E! and the Las Vegas Morning show, and Jill Cordes from HGTV and the Food Network. Check these peeps out, they are pretty cool. I'm looking forward to working with them on this project! I'm going back again in May for the actual event! I'm practically a world traveler now! Yeah, baby!

Traveling is always fun because you get to meet new people. One of my favorite things! I met many of the editors for the Meredith magazines. They are incredibly talented, amazing, creative and fun people! I also got to meet these two cuties who were my make-up and hair stylists for the shoot. This is Susie and Channel... The blond, Channel is 10 days away from being an "It" Mom! She was the cutest little pregnant gal in the world. Susie is a mom of two and you'd never know it! She is quite possibly the most adorable woman I've ever met! They made me look like a movie star and we laughed so much they had to keep re-applying my eye make-up! Thanks girls!

So, if I'm being honest... my favorite part of the trip was being able to sleep in my own bed in my own room!!! Hey... who's with me??? No one came in asking for milk in the middle of the night... no one came in to say "my tummy hurts", no one asked me for anything... uh hem... if you know what I mean! I slept like a Mommy. I know the term is "sleep like a baby" but if you are a mommy, you know that is the biggest lie of all time! So... I slept like a Mommy...drool on the pillow and all!

Vegas is a hoot! Lots of lights, flashy things and sassaphrass... The people watching is priceless and the shopping is out of this world! There are generous little people trying to give you all kinds of flyers and "coupons" on the street ( huh?) And of course, a lot of drinking and gambling. So, since I'm pretty much a two glasses MAX kind of gal...and like I mentioned earlier, not a gambler, I'm not sure I would be a perpetual visitor to the strip.

Of course, when in Vegas....... So, I tried a slot machine. Not once did I see anyone get any money out of one of these little glorified video machines, but I figured I'd better try anyway. Maybe I'd be "the one!" My producer gave me five dollars to put into the slot. I pushed a few buttons, saw a few numbers spin around and in a flash it was over... the $5 was gone and we were on our way. Good times. I guess "the one" will have to be someone else.

The morning we left, my producer took me into the local Fox 5 station to meet and mingle with our sister station in Vegas . Before I knew it I was being wired with a mic and they threw me on their live MORE show with Jason, Monica and Rachel for the "question of the day." I was a total dork (no big shock) but they were hysterical and fun!

All in all.. it was an awesome trip! I go back in May and can't wait to do it all over again. ESPECIALLY....the drool on the pillow part!