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Friday, April 13, 2007

Pinch Me!

I got to meet one of my idols! It kind of makes me tinkle. Unfortunately, the only proof is this picture where it looks like I have no neck and dentures... Sad, but you take what you can get.

Let me tell the story...
Aparently, it really IS all who you know. My friend, Amanda, is a fabulous actress in NY....like most New York actresses, she also has a day job. She is a yoga instructor and teaches classes in between auditions and acting jobs. One of her students is Jonatha Brooke. For those of you who live under a rock, Jonatha Brooke is a brilliant singer/songwriter who's music captured my soul when I stumbled onto her 11 or so years ago. Yep... my friend is calling out downward dog to J-Bro. Not a bad gig.

To make a long story painfully longer than it needs to be.... Amanda gave me the scoop that Jonatha was going to be in Portland this week. So.... I did what I had to do to get to NW Music Millennium in the middle of rush-hour traffic. I sped and yelled at people. It worked, because I made it.. only a few minutes late.

She was spectacular! Jonatha has the most incredible stage presence of anyone I've ever known. She has this way of seducing the audience...men and women alike.... You cannot take your eyes off of her and you are hanging on every beautifully written word. She is a poet. Her new CD, "Careful What You Wish For" is another masterpiece. My favorite song is "Prodigal Daughter". PLEASE... check it out and buy it! You will be a believer.

Ok.. enough of the sales pitch... back to me and meeting my idol.

So... I'm standing there in line with all the other freaky fan types. You know who I'm talking about... dudes with the "I could eat you" expression on their faces. People who hope she'll drop a pick so they can live. Girls singing every word of every song (oh wait... that's me. shoot.) Die hard groopies. Ok... so there I am in line and I'm fine... until there is only 2 people left in front of me...

Without warning, all the saliva leaves my mouth. It's like a drought. Inside I'm thinking, "No...come on honey...be cool. Don't geek out.. be cool... you're cool... stay cool..." Uh... no such luck. My tongue started to swell.

What is that about?! Why do we get so ridiculously star-struck?

I guess it's because these people truly have a powerful impact on us in some way or another... through a song, a lyric....a breathless note that penetrates our soul. And we start to think of them as super human, when really what makes them so intoxicating is their ability to creatively express the undeniable similarities in every human heart. Their lyrics merely reflect a vulnerable humanity inside us all... and we come alive when we hear it expressed by another soul....

Back to the line... It's my turn to speak now...and I manage to get out, "Hi.. I'm Holly. Amanda's friend."

What happened next could only be explained as super-natural..... She.... was excited... to meet..... ME! (She will probably hate this picture... but I needed to show the "glee" in her face to prove the previous sentence. Sorry jb)

I don't know what Amanda told her about me... but she treated me as a dear friend. So gracious. So sweet. Gave me two t-shirts and took the picture at the top of the page. Yeah... I'm pretty sure we are gonna be best friends. (She said with a "stalker-like" quality in her voice.... )

JUST KIDDING! But it was very cool. One of the coolest moments of my life. She's coming back in June to the Aladdin Theater and I'm gonna make sure I'm there....t-shirt on.... rock fist high in the air.....Everything minus the " I could eat you" face. That's just not right.

Rock on...