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Friday, May 25, 2007

Leaving Las Vegas

Another awesome trip to Las Vegas for "work." We (a team from Meredith Video Solutions) made our trek to the desert to finish the kitchen and bath special we started earlier this year. The shoot took place at KBIS, the super bowl of home design trade shows! Lots of cool things to see....sadly, none of which are seen in my own home, but I was definitely inspired.

I got to meet and hang out with Jill Cordes, an amazingly talented chick from HGTV and the Food network. She is definately a pro, and it was fun to watch her work. More importantly, she is hyterical and totally down to earth, and we are now bff. Sweet.

Also part of the star studded cast was Jason Feinberg. He was great to work with as well! Being farely new to this whole tv thing, I learned a lot just by observing. Unfortunately, Jason was in the throws of a family crisis at the time......His cat had some sort of butt problem and needed surgery the next day. I was trying with all my strength to hide my disqust and laughter as he described in detail the condition. Honestly, I really do hope it all went well and the patient got plenty of kitty vicodin.

Our same little make-up/hair stylist was there, Miss Suzie...she did an awesome job once again of making us look like glam models. (only shorter and not so thin....)

This NATIONAL show is close to airing and I'm REALLY EXCITED! Here's the scoop on where, when, and what stations will be broadcasting it:

New York:
WABC on 6/30 at 1:30pm
KABC on 6/17 at 12:30pm
WLS on 6/2 at 4:30pm
KTVT on 7/1 at 12:00pm
KSTP on 6/9 at 2pm
KPTV on 6/24 at 6pm and KPDX on 6/10 at 2pm
WRTV on 6/16 at 3pm

It will also be on the www.better.tv website under the icon SHOWS as of 7/24.

Check it out... it's actually quite fabulous.....and my first national project! Yay!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I am a Grandmother. Mother's Day morning I walked into the girls room to find Sparkle Tangerine Marie Of the Wind Resnick in the girl's closet with 6 new kittens. Six. In case you missed that, I said SIX!

Let me tell the story. You see, it's not a normal occurance that we have a cat that has kittens in our closet. It's not normal that we have a cat. (see previous posts...) Since this cat came to us one day uninvited, she has never been allowed inside our house. She is free to come and go as she chooses. We feed her, we pet her. No strings attached. I am not heartless, however, so when she turned up pregnant, I made her a nice home in our shed. Carpet, pillows, blankets, etc.... practically a kitty hotel. So, at night, we would shut her in the shed so that she couldn't get out and nothing could get in. We have a lot of racoons around our house, and we worried about her after dark. The eve before Mother's Day, we put her inside the shed and put a brick up against the door as usual, said good-night and we all went to bed.

This CRAZY cat pushed the door open, brick and all, climbed up on the roof, scratched and ate her way through the girl's screen window, WHILE IN LABOR, and had 6 kittens in the wee hours of the morning.

TALK ABOUT DETERMINATION! I am now so in love with this cat... I could never make her live outside again! She is a rock-star. She is my hero. She had a birth plan! No brick, screen, racoon or second story house was going to keep her from having those kittens inside, right where she wanted to have them!
As you can imagine, the kids are THRILLED! And Sparkle... I have NEVER heard a cat pur that loudly. She is like, "THANK GOD! It is finished!"
She sleeps most of the day... Wouldn't you if you just had 6 children??!! And we (Scott and I) are getting used to the fact that we have a cat... no, we have 7 cats. Seeing the kids faces every time they look at the mommy kitty and her babies almost makes it worth it. Almost.

So...... seriously.... who wants a kitten? It's take one, get one free.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sparkle is knocked up!

Yes, you heard right. Sparkle is knocked up. That little hussy is now "in the family way." I am going to be a grandmother for what looks like 12 kittens inside her very round tummy. Just think, 6 months ago I was a happy, non pet owning mom. And now, I am the "cat lady."

For those of you who don't know who Sparkle Tangerine Marie Of The Wind Resnick is... please see previous post. She came to us one day and adopted our family...but it's clear to us now, she has a past.

She waddles around our house and yard looking strangley familiar and I cannot help but feel TERRIBLE for her!

Check out the aerial view. This Kitty is filling out and riding low. She looks at me with a miserable
expression that says, "HELP ME, WOMAN! I AM STINKIN' HUGE!" Oh, sister, I have been there.

So, two obvious and immediate problems I need help with:

1. "I don't know nothin' about birthin' no kittens, Miss Scarlet!"


2. Who wants a kitten?