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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Family Photo Segment!

A few weeks ago, we shot a segment on, "How to get the perfect family photo!" (You can watch it on http://www.better.tv/ click on the IT MOMS channel. It's actually one of my favorites so far!)

It was such a great day, such a great shoot, and look at some of these amazing pictures from the day!

Jim Semlor of Tumbleweed Photography in Hood River was our "shooter." He was amazing and I couldn't recommend him enough! He made us a DVD of all the photos from the day set to music.... It makes me cry every time I watch it!
Marni and I also had him take some "head shots" of us...and it's the first time we've ever BOTH liked ourselves in the pictures! That alone is a miracle!

If you're looking for someone to capture a special occasion or just create one, give Jim a call. This was our first time getting family pictures outside of a stuffy studio. We will never go back!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blog Update

Just thought I'd spend a "blog moment" to update you on some of the topics of past posts!


Still pregnant. Doesn't seem to show any signs of maturity or a contrite heart. She doesn't even spend much time at home anymore. I think our relationship has changed as a result. She is distant, and I am feeling the walls come up.


Julie came through her open heart surgery and is doing very well. Praise God! She is home with her family. She and her husband actually drove cross country from Chicago to get home because Julie couldn't fly. They are amazing people... and they are slowly trying to heal and put their lives back together after this unexpected twist in their story.


We did it...we went national as of Sept. 10th, 2007. You can now see the Better TV show in close to 13 different markets throughout the country. And...we're on 3 days a week instead of 1 now. Mon, Wed, Fri. I still LOVE my job and the people I work with. I feel so blessed.

4. MY TOOTH STILL HURTS LIKE SNOT! (I found this picture on the net... it's called: "Man in Pain"....hee, hee.) They think now it might be an impacted wisdom tooth that is trapping a nerve that's causing all the fuss. I see an oral sugeon tomorrow. I can barely stand another day of this... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. My heart goes out to people who deal with chronic pain....life is so challenging when you face pain everyday. Blessings and prayers to you all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

HELL on earth!

I usually avoid public swearing. In most cases, I will say, "H - E - double-hockey-sticks"...but not now. This is the real deal. I am in HELL!

Two words: Root canal.

Ok... Right off the bat, I can't believe I'm even blogging about this. For some reason, in my warped little head, teeth issues are shameful. Does anyone else feel that way? If I encounter a problem with my tooth...I've done something wrong. Not enough brushing...flossing, rinsing.....something has gone wrong and it's MY fault! This is what I put myself through, anyway. I practically hide myself in sacloth and yell, "unclean, unclean" when I pass people on the street. Maybe it's just me. I tend to exaggerate.

Ok, so, this sad little tooth of mine, has been through 30, uh hem, years with me, and just can't take the pressure anymore. She's given all she has, and she aint got no more. I understand....I get it... game over. It's time to let her go. I was thinking more of a peaceful, quiet passage....uh.... but no......

This is WAR!!!! A violent, horrible, excruciating war!!! I've gone through 2 attempts in the last two days to complete this mission! The first day, the troops could only reach two of the canals (can you picture a scene out of Platoon!?Mist on the canal....) Day two, wounded, bandaged, they sent me to a new camp, camp-Endodontist for the final battle!!! I was stabbed numerous times, drilled, SHOT, gassed, yanked this way and that, and left for dead!!!

I received no metal. But I survived. I will never be the same.

FLOSS PEOPLE! That's all I'm gonna say..... Save yourselves! FLOSS!!!