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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sucking Air!

Ok...this is definately a PG13 post. Those of you who are too mature for bodily function humor might want to log off immediately.
I was working out this morning at my athletic club. This is not an easy thing for me to do....my schedule is crazy, my motivation is lacking, and it's been a long time since I've been to the gym...and that means I am not in the best shape...literally. I try really hard not to look like I'm sucking air and struggling to stay utop the machine. Inside I'm thinking, "Breathe through your nose, don't grunt."
So....I climb on the elliptical and push the normal buttons, plug in my headphones to watch CSI or some E-True Hollywood Story on the Wheel of Fortune....and I'm off. The first 5 minutes seem like I'm going to DIE...but..I press on.
I've come into my stride around 17 minutes....I'm going to make it!! I'm over half way there and I don't even mind the minor aches and pains because I'm so into Pat and Vanna at this point. And then......... I smell it.
YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!! No...not the usual "small one that passes quickly"...almost like you're not even sure it happened at all. NO, this was a, "someone had Baja Fresh last night" one that did not seem to dissipate no matter which way I turned my head.
There was only one woman right next to me. I knew it had to be her. Bless her heart, she was trying just as hard as I was to get a work out in without dying.
I thought... "Oh, no, I might be sick..." And I wondered if it was rude to run. She would know that I know...and that I was leaving because...well.... YOU KNOW!
Like a thick cloud.... it finally started to break up and move on... THANK GOD!
I looked at my settings: 18:47 seconds... Ok.. I was back on track...on my way to 30 minutes, and then I could do something else. SomeWHERE else.
HEAVEN HELP ME!!! I almost gagged.l..Seriously! This was now NOT OK. I'm all for working a little out here and there if you need to...but come ON!!!! This was like.......A sneak attack!!
I JUMPED off the machine, grabbed my sweatshirt from the floor and ran!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure she was thinking... "oh...goodness....is that because of me?"
YES!!!! It WAS!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let It Rain!!!

This is the view from the backyard of my husband's brother, Kevin. He lives in San Diego.

Can you even imagine???

We complain so much about rain up here in the great Northwest, but obviously, there are worse situations to be in! Wish we could send you some of our rain about now, eh!

Kevin sent this picture with a message to us early this morning (10/23),"This is our new backyard view. We will most likely spend the day packing up what we can."


Tonight's report from from Scott's mom was a huge blessing, "Just got off the phone with Kevin. The fire got within 7 miles of them, but the winds have died and the fire fighters have done a valiant job of stopping it. He was looking forward to his first nights’ sleep tonight; but they are safe as of 9pm."

Thank God! Our prayers go out to all the families in this scary crisis! And Uncle Kevin, we love you guys... sleep well and be safe!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I had higher hopes....

Today was Kelton's Pumpkin Patch day for pre-school. This is the first year where I had only ONE child with me for this event. You see, when you have four kids, you rarely get to spend time alone with any of them...that is, until now. I get a little teary when I think that this is my last pumpkin patch day, or last anything....as this is my last child... God willing....and he is growing up WAY too fast!

Ok...so we started out great! I had our day all planned. We'd do the P.P. thing for a while, then go get some lunch together and then get a treat...something special just for the two of us. (Ok.. I just wanted ice-cream....but whatev.)

We rode the tractor, picked our pumkins out, ate some pumpkin donuts and had some apple cider.......And then things began to change.

My little "date" was loosing his charm and turning on me. ME! The one who was spending quality, one-on-one time with him and going to take him for ice-cream if he would just behave himself a little while longer. Uh....No such luck... Here he is snubbing the goats. I was like, "They are so cute, do you want to pet them?" And he was like, "NO! They are berry yucky."

The "tude" was mutating and I was running out of threats. Fast forward about 8 "NO" 's later...And I was done, "Oh..we are going home and you are NOT getting a treat, either, Mister." His response....."But I WANT a treat!!" Me..."Well... SO DO I, But you just had to go and mess it up for both of us!!"

As we were leaving, I asked his teacher from last year, Mrs. Burton, to take a picture of us so we could "remember this special day"..... And this is it.

He wouldn't even look at the camera, much less smile. So... this is my memory of the last pumpkin patch day with my last child.... I must say....I had higher hopes. (sigh.)