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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Always Wanted A Little Brother!

Just a typical moment with two older sisters. They were "fixing" his hair. The really cute thing is....that he wanted to wear it like that all day.

I always wanted a little brother. I was the youngest of two girls. The baby. Now, that has it's advantages, don't get me wrong. To this day, my sister will still buy my lunch when we go out...and put her hand across my chest when we come to an abrupt stop in the car. Yes... I have to admit, I like being the baby. BUT....I had no one to pick on, blame, or dress up like a girl....and there is an emptiness that will never go away as a result. (cue the dramatic, tear-jerking music...)

I used to beg my parents to adopt a little boy when I was in grade school. At one point, my dad almost let us get this pet monkey from an exotic pet store. You even had to put diapers on it... it was SO cute. I figured that was as good if not better than a baby brother. But, alas, he changed his mind... and my mom said "no" to the adoption idea, and told me to stop pestering her.

I was left to tag along with my older sister, mostly unwanted. The baby.
Look at the fun I missed!

Hum.....I wonder where the monkey is now?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Remember when.....

Ahhh.. Remember when you used to love satin short outfits? And when matching your sister and your cousin was like THE coolest thing in the world....and you couldn't wait to go somewhere all together to show off your sweet outfits....like maybe roller skating? Thinking maybe, people would think you were a singing group or family act like the Partridges or the Jacksons or something???? Ok...............maybe it was just me.

My sister, Angie, had these pictures on her myspace. I do not remember ever seeing them. My sister is the hot brunette on the left with the Dorothy Hamill hair cut. My cousin Missy is the one with the "oh-so-desired-but-not-easy-to-do-for-only-the-chosen-have-it" Marsha Brady, pin straight bleached blond hair on the left. And that just leaves me in the middle. With the slick part and ultra feather....apparently growing out the Dorothy Hamill hair. Nice. You GOTTA love the 70's!!!

This picture is awesome. Here we are meeting Mickey for THE first time ever...and some little punk is trying to get in our frame. "Um.... kid.....wait your turn. We drove all the way from Milwaukie, Oregon in a 2 door Capri (packed with apparently TONS of tube socks.) This is OUR time with the Mouse, so step off before I get all Milwaukie on ya!"

Hm? I don't know....... are those black boots I'm wearing? Look closely, I can't tell. Either way... We are definately lovin' the moment. And Mickey looks like he really likes me....see how he's leaning in?

(He probably asked my sister to "go with him" after that pic....and I left with the rainslicker kid to ride the tea cups... whatev.)

Monday, November 05, 2007

One Small Shift

I had a great conversation with my friend, Victor Johnson the other day. He is a life long friend and I always appreciate our talks. He said something very simpe yet very profound......
"The whole world would change and be an amazing place if people made just one, small shift..."
"What's that?" I asked.
"If people would just put others before themselves."
We talked about how the shift is possible in every person's life, but that so many of us hold onto a "Me First" attitude....thinking we have to look out for "number one" or we'll get lost in the shuffle.
A great thought to ponder, eh? What would the world look like if we all put others first?
My friend, Jay is demonstrating this idea with a girl named Heidi. Check out his blog.
You first...