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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

YouTube and Mean People!

I just discovered that Parents TV and Better TV have channels on YouTube. So, I thought, "Wow, that's so cool! We're on YouTube!"

Ok...that was until I read some of the comments. You-tubers are harsh people!!!!! At least the "comment-ers" are. I've never posted a comment there, or read any, so I had no idea how negative they are.

In the last two years of working in television....being in the public eye, I've come to a conclusion: People who "comment" or "write in" are complainers. They are the negative people looking for something to hate. They want to rant. They want to give their opinions and they want to make sure it stings.

I've read hate mail sent to the most amazing, sweet, hard working and wonderful people on the planet. I've even received such mail myself. Letters from strangers tearing apart my intellect, my appearance and my intentions.

The "nice letters" are about 1 to 1,000....and it made me think: Nice people must be too busy being nice and looking for the good in people to take the time to sit down and pen out a nasty gram.....or a nice gram for that matter.

Mean people, on the other hand, must have a lot of free time. Because, all I ever see anymore in the "comment world" is complaining, criticism, tearing down,crude, rude, nasty remarks. It's seriously depressing! Stop drinking the hatorade for breakfast, people!

So, here is my plea. All you nice people (and you know who you are...) Take a small moment next time you're watching something on TV, or You Tube, or Myspace, or whatever.....and write something......nice. Encourage someone. Let someone know you appreciate what they do. Otherwise....the stinkers will have all the say!

LET'S TAKE BACK THE COMMENT WORLD, PEOPLE! See if we can suffocate those mean, heartless people with a flood of pleasantness.

(I guess this blog borders on complaining....eh? Well....I just had to vent a little.....back to being nice....)

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Last night, my husband and I took our best friend, Aaron, to the Toby Mac/Jeremy Camp concert in Salem. (Those of you reading who don't know where Salem is or how far away it is from where I live it's about an hour and a half drive.).....(Oh....and I hate long drives!)

Now, when I say, "we took" our friend, I mean that we bought tickets as part of his Christmas/Birthday present, and we invited him. What really happend was, he took us!


This plane is called a Cirrus. It's like the Lexus of the sky. I've flown in many planes (as my husband is a pilot.) I have NEVER, however, flown like this. This plane was seamless. The flight there was magnificent. It was the first clear night in Oregon for months, and the sun was just going down. The sky was a gorgeous yellow/orange/red! I felt like the biggest spoiled brat on the planet. I snapped some pictures with my new phone (see previous post), but I have no idea how to get them onto my computer. I'll try to post them later......when I get through the manual.

Ok, first up was Matthew West. He is awesome. The guy had surgery recently on his vocal chords and was out for 3 months. He couldn't make a single peep for three whole months! For those of us who sing....... or just enjoy talking, can you even imagine how hard that would be???? Anyway...he did more "snippets" of songs, probably to preserve his voice....but he rocked it. Loved him.

Then Jeremy Camp came out! He has got to be one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters. I just love his passion. He sings a song called "Lay Down My Pride" that my four year old belts out like he owns it....and that just makes me smile. Now, Jeremy happend to have the flu last night...fever, aches, headache, sick tum...but you would NEVER have known it. He was incredible. Powerful performance and even more powerful testimony. You should check out his story. Talk about overcoming heartache. Read his bio....

Last up, of course, was Toby Mac. I bought his CD for my oldest son for Christmas this year. Yeah, I pretty much kept it. His music is slammin'. It's kind of a "thrasher funk." A mix between either metal or alt rock and funk/hip hop/soul. (I'm very descriptive.)

He and his band, DiverseCity KICKED IT, last night. Hands down, the funnest show I've seen in a long, long time. They had so much energy up there, we all wanted to join the band and jump in the tour bus! There is something about watching people have that kind of crazy fun together that is contageous. Loved the show, Toby is the master of entertainment, and his band is the band we ALL wish we had!

Ok...ALL that said.... I think I'm getting too old for concerts. It's really loud, you have to stand for a long time and I like to go to bed by 9:30.

I just lost my "cool" vibe, didn't I?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"I.......Love Technology..."

So, I dropped my phone today. Might not have been the first time.....it was definately the last. It made a sad little sound. Kind of like a
"whimper." When I picked it up off the ground it had a blank screen, no more picture of a guitar with the time showing through the front. Shortly after, I hear the spirit horse come for it and it went completely lifeless.

I was devastated. I'd grown pretty attached to it. I felt sad and guilty for finally killing it.... all the way. You see, it's been "mostly dead" a few other times, but somehow I've brought it back. We've been through so much together. We've laughed, we've cried, we've yelled, we've whispered, we've dropped calls, we've taken pictures of weird people on the street that we'd never be able to explain in words. It was heart breaking to think of truly letting go.......forever.

So, I tried to hit it, thinking, "if a hard smack killed it, maybe another hard smack will bring it back." Kind of like the Fonzie method. "CLEAR!" No luck. It just sat in my hand unresponsive. It was time to say goodbye.

Sniff, Sniff.... "What, honey? I get to get a new one?"(Instant recovery.) "OK!" Moving on.

This is my new phone. It's super fancy. I have absolutely no idea how to work anything on it, but it has a lot of buttons and pictures and things to do on it. YAY!

I bought a case to go with it. You know, so when I drop it, there is something to brace the fall.

I'm looking forward to long conversations, laughing over text messages and groping in the dark. (When I can't find it in the bottom of my purse!!!)

(Channel your best memory of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite..) "I love techonology!"

Me, too, Kip! I love my new phone! I can't wait until I know what to do with it!
RIP Nokia.... Rest in peace, my darling.