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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For your viewing pleasure......

I made a
YouTube - HollyResnick's Channel with a ton of segments from the show. You know, if you have a lot of free time and actually cared about what I do at "work." (Notice the tone of guilt and obligation......)

Just sayin'.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kids are so honest...

The other day, I was cleaning the house (a likely story,) with my four-year old kind of following me around as I went. I was wearing some old sweats, a t-shirt that was a bit shorter than I would wear in public (I’m certain it shrunk in the dryer, and it wasn’t that I had grown in any way shape or form)…and some flip-flops. This is my typical “maid” uniform. Whatever works…I’m not going to win any beauty pageants or anything, right?

Ok, so I’m in the kitchen cleaning out the sink with Comet (plug for Comet) when I feel two little hands on the top of my waistband. With a swift tug, these little hands proceeded to hike up the material of my sweat pants to about naval level. I looked down, and Kelton (the culprit) had this serious look of determination. I said nothing and just watched as he went around my entire torso lifting every inch of fabric up to an appropriate height, even though I was receiving quite a wedgy by this time.

When he was satisfied that his work was done, trying not to laugh, I asked, “What’cha doin’ buddy?” He replied, “Fixing you.”

Apparently, he didn’t want to see any of that.

I’d like to think he was looking out for me, helping me be modest, for my best interest. But I think, he was just looking out for his.

Kids are so honest.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Love Chicago!

We shot the final footage for the Kitchen and Bath show special this last week. (Remember....the first two trips were to Las Vegas? See previous posts....) The actual trade show, KBIS, was held at McCormick Place in Chicago this year.

We shot there among the crowds and chaos. If you've never seen a "jib" in action... it's pretty impressive and always draws a crowd. "In cinematography, a jib is a boom device with a camera on one end, and a counterweight and camera controls on the other. It operates like a see-saw."(I got that from Wikipedia) Anyhoo......it looks really "fancy", like something big is going on. You can see a piece of the jib, right above Brian's head, pointing at me in this picture.

I headed out to Chi-town last Thursday and just got home last night. 4 Days of working and experiencing the windy city.

Now, overall, I really do love this city. It has so much incredible architecture and personality, and there is always something to do... it's like a smaller version on New York City. But one thing is for sure, it's flippin' cold and windy! So, I've made a list of pros and cons from my trip.

We'll start with the cons because there aren't as many as the pros.. ok?

1. I thought I was going to have to cut off some of my toes. We shot some tourism segments, kind of a "taste of chicago" type of deal on Saturday. Well, one of the things we did was the Shoreline cruises. Yeah...it was probably 20 degrees outside with wind that cut through my coat like a million little steak knives. On the way back from the boat, we had to run to our parking garage (about 10 blocks) and I was literally SCREAMING! "OH MY HEAD....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? AAAAHHHHHHHHH!" People of course, turned to look at me in disgust. I glance over, and this guy, a native, obviously, is jogging in shorts. What???!!!!!!

I went back to my hotel before our next location and soaked my feet for about 20 minutes in scalding hot water. I only lost one toe.

2. You can't get anywhere without public transit. We are so spoiled here in the Northwest. If we want to go somewhere...anythwere, we just....go. In Chicago, it's like a major ordeal to get anywhere! No one really owns a car, you have to take a cab, or the train, or some sort of mass transit. I realized how cheap I was as I was watching the meter in the cab jump quarter by quarter in the blink of an eye. I think it even moves when you're waiting for the light. I kept thinking, "I could just walk and save my money...." but then I remembered the wind would kill me, and I gladly paid my $45 bucks to go 7 blocks down the street.

3. Everybody squints. Again...that would be from the cold wind.... You rarely get a smile out of anyone because they are trying to overcome the elements and that takes facial concentration.

Ok..that's it for the cons, I don't want to dwell on the negative. Here's some pros.....

1. I love the people in Chicago! I met so many wonderful humans....each with their own stories and character and memorable accents! This is Alan Chow, he was our sound tech for the shoot. He regularly works on the Oprah show, as did our lighting guy....but I couldn't convince either of them to let me sneak into the studio with them. Whatever.

2. Every place we ate was spectacular! It seems that big cities really have a lot to offer when it comes to dining. The food we ate was amazing, and I probably weigh 12 lbs more as a result. Here's a couple names I'll shout out: Club Lago, Bin 36, Catch 35, Elephant and Castle, etc, etc, etc.... Me likey food, and they met my needs.

3. I got to see and briefly talk to (stalk would be a better word) Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover. I told him how much my kids love him and that we all watch the show and cry our eyes out. (Well... I cry and the kids roll their eyes at me.) He was just as cute and sweet in person as he looks to be on the show. I didn't have my camera with me at the time, so Alan took a pic with his cell phone before Ty was rushed off by his "handler." (Note: I want a handler some day.)

4. I got to work with Jill Cordes again, who I absolutely love! She is so fun and awesome to hang out with, we had a ball together.

I also got a chance to meet Kendis Gibson, who was the third part of our "Cool Kitchens and Baths" team for the show this year. He is extremely talented, has a great sense of humor and an awesome person to work with.

(this next part might sound like bragging, but bear with me. I stayed home for 10 years and raised my kids....so it's a dream to be able to get to say the following...)
I love that I get a chance to travel, experience places, and meet incredible people all in the name of "work." I truly feel blessed and spoiled. But you know what.... there is no place like home (click ruby slippers now) and I was so excited to see my kids and husband when I walked through the revolving door at the Portland airport. They are my "real life."

I'll let you know when the project is done and when you can see this year's "Cool Kitchens and Baths" special. I think it's gonna rock!

(To see last years special, just go to http://www.better.tv/, and click on "Shows" and you'll find it there.)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Mug Shots

Our family has never really been good at taking pictures together. I'm not saying we take bad pictures, but.....hm...sometimes they just aren't...... good.

First of all, I'm usually the only one who wants to take a family pic...and getting the crew to gather for this event can be easily compared to getting them all to brush their teeth before bed. You really gotta work at it.

The odds are against us to start with. To line up 6 people to do anything at the same time is a minor miracle. Add squinting at the sun, wind, "he's touching me", and the good old bunny ears behind dad, and you might as well give up!

Here is a recent attempt when we were at the beach... Certainly not our worst, but....we didn't really "nail it" either.

Oh well....God love 'em.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It Takes A Village!

Spring Break In Seaside Oregon!

(First of all.....that sentence cracks me up and takes me back! About 20 years ago, I spent many a spring break in Seaside with my girlfriends: lookin' for hot babes....cruisin' the boardwalk, flipping my hair, staying up late and sleeping in til noon! Ha..makes me laugh that I return years later with 4 kids and a mini van! Awesome!.... I digress.......)

Ok.....I love vacationing with friends! I've only done it a few times as a grown-up with kids, but I'm hooked!

We went to the beach with our friends Jay & Allison McKenney, and Brian & Jenni Clayville...So, including our family we had: 6 grown ups and 7 kids! Yes....we were totally outnumbered!

First reason this vacation rocked:

1. All my friends are amazing cooks! (Opposites DO attract!) Meal-time meant we ate well! We all split up the food responsibilites between the three families (my husband took our shifts so I didn't poison anyone.) Every meal was GRUB! I, uh, pretty much ate like it was my job! I put in a lot of overtime.......

Another reason.....

2. I love my friend's children! Ava and Macy McKenney are scrumptious! My kids just couldn't get enough of them. I wanted to steal Ava and take her home with me. She has got to be the happiest baby I have ever known! She radiates joy! Oh....she made my womb tickle!

Chance Clayville probably has the cutest voice and funniest personality in the world. Everytime he spoke, I laughed. We currently say many "Chance-isms" at our house....but after this weekend, we added a few more. Here he is pushing Ava's "happy button".....Adorable!

This is an understatment: Jay has a way with kids. (Probably because he is still a kid himself!) He was like the Pied Piper....they all just swarmed him. I kept thinking I should shoo them away from him...."Give him some space, kids"....but he seemed to love it. There was no shortage of "fart humor" that is for certain.

I've always really believed the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"...and after this week at the beach, I am convinced it's true! We had 12 parent eyeballs working at all times.... The kids didn't stand a chance! No child was unattended, un-observed, or unloved......

Last reason:

3. There is something really cool about seeing your friends love your kids.....It has a unique way of deepening the friendship.

My kids had a blast! Special thanks to my hubby, who braved the BIZARRE weather and took the kids out to play....so I could relaaaaaaaaax (uh....and eat.)

And to Alli, Jay, Jenni, Brian...... thanks for a great spring break!