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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cool Moms!

Ok.... So our May "It Mom of the Month" in Portland is Tara Dublin from 94.7 Alternative Portland!

She was SO cool... and not just because she's the midday DJ for KNRK and plays rockin' music for the rest of us to listen to.....not just because she can talk a mile a minute and quickly think of clever things to say.... No, there's more to this groovy girl than meets the eye/ear. She is an oh-so-proud mommy of two boys! Tara wears the "I love being a mom" vibe all over her and her take on motherhood, life, music and the mixture of all these things was refreshing.
Tara has managed to find her dream job! Whenver that happens for anyone you just know it. They seem to radiate joy. The fit of her job and her boys' school schedule matches up perfectly. Yes, she is the picture of a mom who is thriving. Just listen to her and you will hear it. In the words of the brilliant Hannah Montana, she's got the "Best of both worlds!"
You can go to http://www.kptv.com/, click on Better Portland in the menu on the left and watch the video. Here's the link:
You can also hear Tara every week day from 9-2pm on 94.7!
The best part of my job is meeting people like Tara! I love meeting cool moms!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Famous Relatives?

Ok, I'm curious... Who are you related to that is famous? Anyone have some fun family trees?

My only "claim to fame" is the founder and creative frontman for Pixar, John Lasseter. He's famous for movies like: Bugs Life, Toy Story, Cars, etc.... the films our kids LIVE on..you know......

I have never met him in person, (aparently he's a bit busy for family reunions....go figure.) His mom, my great Aunt Jewel, is the sister of my favorite relative (God rest her soul) Vena Wallis, my great grandmother. I have the most fond memories of her and her little shack of a house in Independence, Oregon. She made the best homeade pickles in the world, made dolls and doll clothes and she had the best sense of humor. Gosh...I miss her.

Jewel (John's mom) was the spitting image of my grandma. Every time I saw her, it was like looking at my Gram....it made me miss her so much, but stirred up all those fun memories from my childhood.

Anyhoo.....that's my famous relative story, and a little nostalgia to boot.

Who is yours???? And what's your story?

Friday, May 09, 2008

A reason to get up.....

Mother's Day is coming this weekend. Time to gush.

I can't believe how truly blessed I am to have these 4, amazing, incredible creatures to call my own. Each of them is so different, so unique, such a beautiful gift to me and to this world.

They make me laugh and sometimes cry, make me tired and then fill my cup with their endless energy. They stretch me and hold me together all at the same time. They....are my true calling and purpose in this life and I thank God for that privilege everyday.

I am a better person because of them and welcome each growing pain along the way to becoming the mom, the woman God wants me to be. It's a journey, sometimes resembling a rollecoaster ride, but I wouldn't sell my ticket for all the money in the world! It's the ride of a lifetime!

Though sometimes earlier than I would like, they are the best reason in the world to get up in the morning and face the day.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.....soak up the love!