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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Stinker!

Ugh! I hate SKUNKS! I've never really given the little creatures much thought until we moved into this neighborhood 5 years ago. We call our neighborhood, "Skunk town." About every other day, you smell that oh-so-unpleasant odor. In the summer, it's absolute misery. Close the windows, fresh air can only be found in a Febreeze bottle.

So, for years, we just smelled them....or saw them dead on the side of the road.....but not now! No...now, they come up to our back door about every other night to eat our cat's food. Apparently, Friskies is for skunks, too, just in case you were wondering....
Like racoons, they have attitudes. I guess they've realized that we are terrified of them, and they have all the power. My lazy good for nothin' cats hide or head for higher ground....they sit up on the fence without moving a muscle.
The little stinkers kind of back up next to our back sliding door as if to say, "You want some of this!??"
Ok, so, clearly, I don't want to "scare" it because, obviously, when you "scare" a skunk, they go all hand-stand on ya. That's the point of regret.....there's no going back. So, I try sort of tapping on the glass...."Hey...um....go...away, ok?...... Would that be ok? If you kind of go away?"

Thing turns and looks at me, smirking.....turns back to eat. He's holding all the cards at this point.

Needless to say....the kids are NOT camping out in the backyard this summer!

UGH! I hate skunks!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hyper Parenting - Under Pressure!

Yo...loved this book:Under Pressure. Check out the video with the author, Carl Honore'.....I completely resonate with what he talks about....and highly recommend the read!

Seriously, I wish we could have shown the entire interview....good things to think about........but here ya go!

Peace out, Mommas! Enjoy the journey!