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Sunday, July 13, 2008

5 Days!

So, Scott (my hubby) is gone for 5 days. He's one of the leaders for our church's high school youth group and they are having their summer camp this week. It's called House Boat Camp, and it's one of the big highlights every summer for hundreds of high schoolers and a handful of brave adults who join to help run the camp. They literally play/live/sleep/eat and have a tone of fun on the water for 5 days straight!

Ok....now, about my own camp. I am also a "youth leader" and am trying SO hard to make the summer fun for our kids. I tend to be more on the sloth side of the scale, and add heat to the mix and I'm pretty much lethargic.

Anyhoo... My goal is to say "yes" more than "no" this summer and take them to do things that will keep them active so they won't fight and drive my lethargic behind one step beyond crazy.

So... here's how it's going so far:

Day #1 of Holly's Summer Camp of Fun and Folly:
The Farmers Market!
We haven't been to the Beaverton Farmers market for YEARS! We used to live right by it and we went all the time. Since we moved away....we don't really get over there anymore. So....I met my friend Kristin and her 3 kids there to "have some fun."

-Um, yeah.....there was a record breaking volume of whining, fighting, and general complaining in the first 45 minutes that had me wondering, "Why am I here again????" Not to mention that the heat was somewhere in the mid 90's....and that's just too hot for my people. The kids were melting and I was sweating more than I'd like to admit.

We settled in after about an hour. The whining slowed just enough for me to risk staying longer. The kids started having fun, playing in the fountain, giving me a chance to relax and think happy thoughts again. But it was definately touch and go there for a while.

OK....Day #2 of Holly's Summer Camp Fun and Folly
Dawson Park!
The kids have been trying to get me to visit this park forever. They have a man made lake with tons of fish and geese and such. So, after church, we went home for lunch, cleaned up, and headed for the park.

-Um, yeah....Kiel wanted to go fishing in the pond. Brought his tackle box and everything. I tried to explain that authorities generally frown on that sort of thing in public parks. Kelton was totally into throwing dirt clods in the lake and so, naturally, got a mess of dirt in his eyes as well. Ireland went to pull some of the reeds to throw in the lake, too, and of course, cut her finger and started bleeding all over the place. The park is right next to the library, so we went inside and cleaned the wound.

As we were walking around the perimeter of lake, we started to notice all the landmines. Yes...geese are quite regular creatures...Bordering on excessive poopers, one might say. We looked at one point like we were playing Dance Dance Revolution. Jumping about to avoid the goose poo.

Rounding the final corner to get back to the car, all 4 kids were complaining about the heat. "I can't take it anymore" was exclaimed, to which I could totally relate.

Driving home.....almost frantically trying to cool down. AC blaring...poo on the shoes....It's now 4'O clock and the "I'm hungry-ies" are starting. All I can think of is: "If I can just get home and lay down for 20 minutes"....when I hear, "What are we gonna do next?!"

Kids are insatiable. I am a slug. I only have 3 1/2 days left! God's speed, Scott, God's speed!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Love Your Neighbor

A few weeks ago, our family went with a big group from the music department at our church to Vernonia. Vernonia was a town in Oregon that was hit by major flooding a year ago, and hasn't quite recovered.

One church there was basically destroyed by the floods and hasn't been "opened for business" since. We all went down to see what we could do to help and lend a hand.

All six Resnick peeps were on the painting team! We moved pews and water damaged items to the middle of the room, and painted the inside of this church, top to bottom.

I gotta tell ya...there is nothing like doing this kind of thing! Helping others is REALLY fun! Seriously! We painted all day, laughed, talked along the way and made a small difference in one church in one town. But it made a huge impact on our hearts. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday with my family!

Jay, our fearless leader, is hysterical. With him around, there is never a dull moment!

So many friends from church were there that I adore. By serving side by side, I have to say, I think they grew a little closer to my heart as a result.

One in particular: Joyce, our fabulous keyboard player/designer extraordinare, wins the "YOU ROCK" award for herding my kids all day and keeping them motivated and focussed on their project. They were in charge of painting all the children's Sunday school chairs. There is nothing more precious than that! I am so thankful to Joyce for showing my kids a great example of love and service. And, she made it possible for Scott and I to be useful inside. I think I owe her the going rate for babysitting.

All in all....we got a lot of work done, but there is still so much more to do! We definately made a dent. I think all of us would like to go back...see the project to completion. We feel connected and attached now. It was more than just a "work day."

The best thing for me....was seeing my whole family giving their Saturday to do something for someone else! Not because they're getting paid, or there is some big reward at the end. Just because someone needed us to. That was really cool!
(All these amazing pictures are by Elaine Heasley! You can see more awesome pictures from that day at: http://e-heasley.smugmug.com/gallery/5224058_nxRCm/1/317225661_Fp5NR#317368697_BwxCH )