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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wait for it....

Last week I headed out of town to NY and CT for work (more on that later when I get the pictures back!)

The actual "travel" there was a nightmare. In all my years, I have never had any problems when I flew. I've heard about them, especially in the movies ("Castaway" comes to mind...) But first hand, nothin'. No delayed flights, no cancellations...nada.

Well....that all changed last Saturday. I was stuck in Dulles... America's answer to the Bermuda triangle with a twist: "Dulles - where planes go to sit." I could go on and on about how stressful it was, how the airport was complete chaos, how we had to sit on the tarmac for 4 hours with no food/water.....but I won't.

You know why? Because as I was waiting in the 5 mile customer service line, surrounded by people complaining in every language, something beautiful happened. Just when I thought I might let out a wimper of defeat..........wait for it...........

I met Mike Rowe! You know, "Dirty Jobs" Mike Rowe?!! I gotta say...at my house, he's a hero. We watch his show and LOVE every disgusting minute. I read an aricle on him and his career once In Fast Company Magazine that totally inspired me. Believe it or not, in the midst of the poo and the slime, he has found his dream job! Isn't that what we all want? I'd love to find my own "Dirty Jobs" someday! Minus the dirty jobs, of course. Anyway, it's a brilliant article...definately worth hunting down. It looks a little somethin' like this:

So, back to the travel drama. We ended up getting on a stand by flight to JFK and drove to CT by town car. Since our luggage was not going to show up for another day, we asked our driver to find us a store that was actually opened at 2:30 in the morning. We stopped at a 24 hr grocery in Queens and asked for toothpaste and underwear. That....will be a blog all by itself.

My head finally hit a pillow at 4am. Our call time was at 7am. I was thankful for three things that day: 1. Strong coffee... 2. Under eye concealer... and 3. The little tickle in my tummy from meeting Mike Rowe!

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Twins

Ok... I have something to admit. I was at the salon the other day...getting a few drops of red and a snip. Under the dryer, eyes closed, the woman next to me...a total stranger, says, "Do you want to see the twins?"

Now....Most people would ask..."Excuse me? What twins?" Possibly feeling a little confused at this question. But not me. Without a pause, I exclaimed (with unexpected and somewhat alarming glee) "YES! Thank you!!!"

She was talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's new twins. She had the latest People magazine with the first photos of the new twins. I (sadly) knew EXACTLY what she was offering and snatched the mag up like it was gold.

Ok, so, I only read these magazines A) When I'm standing in line at the grocery store, and then, it's only the cover page. B) When I'm taveling, I'll buy one in the airport store to read on my flight and C) When I'm getting my hair done.

Confession time.....I must admit....I love reading up on celebrity gossip. I know... it's sad and I should feel ashamed. I'll go a painful step further.... I actually felt a bit emotional when I saw the pictures of Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and Zahara with the new twins, Knox and Vivienne. YES! I KNOW ALL THEIR NAMES! Their family looked like a Benetton add. Remember those from the 90's? They had beautiful people from all different cultures laughing and playing together. Even pale redheads made the cut! Which I appreciated very much.

Angelina, however, looked like a tired new mommy. A look I know very well, and my heart went out to her. I know nothing valid, tangible or real about this woman or her family. No one really does. We only know what "journalist" write about them. What I do know......was that look. It was the look of a mom. That's real. No airbrushing could create that.

OK... mock me. Yell at me, shake me to my senses! Tell me I'm ridiculous! Tell me there are more important things to spend my time on! I can take it!

Seriously, though, you should see those pictues.......so cute!