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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best Friends!

As my daughters grow up, it's been fun/scary to watch them find and develop friendships over the years. My girls are at the ages now when I remember forming important, critical relationships that made life and the turbulent school years bearable. Grade school, junior high, and high school were the choppy seas that threatened to rip us all to sheds. Our friends were the anchors that kept us steady through it all. Those relationships helped us feel "normal," loved, safe.

The "BEST" title was reserved for the friend who won your heart over all the rest. She could be trusted with your deepest secrets. She would stand up for you no matter what, and she would rather look stupid and be the butt of a joke than betray you or let you suffer humiliation alone. She was...... the BEST!

I've had many friends over the years. Here are a list of the ones who achieved "BEST" status. I only hope my girls (and boys) find friends as wonderful as these people were to me!

1. Grade school: Kristi Schwerin. She was funny, kind, REALLY smart, and loyal. She could draw frogs really well, and played me a song on a 45 record (yes, I'm that old) called "Dead Skunk In the Middle Of The Road" that made me laugh until my stomach hurt! She used to walk to my house in the mornings so I could curl her hair before school. We kind of drifted apart once junior high hit... 1. Because she was REALLY smart, and I was more interested in boys and being popular....and 2. I moved away in the 8th grade. Where ever you are Kristi, I LOVE YOU! You were a WONDERFUL friend!

2. Junior high: Shelby Braughtigam. Shelby had the BEST sense of humor. She loved to make jokes about "fluffers"... (use your imagination) She had this yappy scottie dog named "Tiesha" that stunk. I never told her this, but I didn't like Tiesha. Shelby's big brother, Rob, was totally cute and I had an ENORMOUS crush on him.....But the best part about Shelby was that she loved to sing as much as I did, and we sang together ALL the time. We tried to keep in touch after I moved back to Oregon, but fell away as the years went on. When she got engaged many years later, though, she found me and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. It was an honor to stand by her side and be apart of her future. She was such a huge part of my past! I LOVE YOU, SHELB! Miss you!

3. High school: Jennifer Wolbrecht. I began my freshman year at Lutheran High School in Portland. Small school....private.....scary at first. Jennifer was one of my first friends. She was (IS) this gorgeous blond, leggy, tan, BOMBSHELL. I was kind of in awe of her from the start. We became friends our freshman year, and our friendship grew over time..... By senior year, she was more like a sister than a friend. I loved her like family...only better. Jen was funny (a theme in my friends) and silly. She was SO SMART! In fact.... her academic brilliance inspired me to do better in my studies and I pulled my grades up because I didn't want to embarrass myself around my "smart friends." It was peer pressure in a possitive way. Jen was the MVP in every sport she played, and we got to play volleyball and softball together which was extremely fun!The summer before our senior year, Jen's mom was hit by a car and died. I have never been more devastated by a death in my whole life...to this day. The sorrow I felt for my friend was overwhelming. Our senior year was typical in many ways, but the depth of my love for her and our friendship was beyond "high school" or anything I had experienced.

Jen and I live within 15 minutes of each other and promise to get together often. With kids, career and life....we've only had a few "playdates." But this friend will always hold the MVP title in my heart. High school was like war....and Jen was in the trenches with me making every bomb a little less devastating.
JEN! You're the bomb, Sistah! Love you...let's do lunch! Seriously!!!

4. Now: Erin Livingston. In my adult life, I have so many wonderful women who are all "bests"....but Erin is my soul sister. She reminded me what it was like to be a "girl" again. Having kids can make you lose that a bit. She helped me get my groove back! Erin is one of the most loyal, honest, loving women I've ever known. She makes me laugh and challenges me to be a better woman. Her faith inspires me....she doesn't just talk it, she lives it....and I can honestly say I need her in my life. I call her everytime I need the hard truth, and she gives it to me. That is a good friend. E...."you.....complete.....me."

Ok..those are my girls...my bests! Tell me a story of yours!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

First Day

My youngest offspring started kindergarten this year. This means many things to me:

1. I'm old.

2. I want another baby...my womb is empty and I am very aware of it.

3. I get 2 1/2 hours, 4 days a week with no children on my hip for the first time in 11 years.

4. I have no excuses anymore. I have time to workout.

5. I might be able to get the laundry done...but that might be a little ambitious.

So, the day before shool started for Kelton....he was playing on his scooter in the street, and he totally bit it. Face first, over the handle bars....pitched himself onto the concrete. Here he is with frozen peas on his head to take down the goose egg.

Ok, NICE! Of course, like a good mom, I checked for a broken nose, concussion, etc....And when I saw that he was ok, all I could think of was: First day of school, my kid comes with a huge scrape on his forehead!!!! Perfect! With any luck, he will have healed by school pictures, for heaven's sake!!!!

Morning came, however, and he could care less. He was fired up and ready to hit the books. (Coloring books, that is.)
We had a slight "fuzzy" incident that took a few minutes of unplanned time right at the top.....a dandelion fuzzy floated into the building and Kelton was totally distracted, chasing it, completely lost in the moment. I thought we'd never get him back on track! Eventually we made it to his classroom, though, and his academic future began.

I was so excited for him, and scared all at the same time. He is, after all, my baby.

Here's to a great school year, Mommies! Grab some coffee and keep your hopes high!