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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dodge Ball!

A few weeks ago, I got to play dodge ball while I shot a story with Recess Time Sports. Ok, I have to say....it was SO MUCH FUN!

Honestly, when I first got there, my heart was racing and my stomach truly started to hurt because it looked SO intense! Some people REALLY got into it.....they were hysterical. Those little red balls were flying by at heat seaking missle speed, and people were getting NAILED!

For a moment I thought to myself, "Uh...I'll just be the narrator on this one. More reporter style..." But the Ligers were short a player for their 8:35pm game and I had already volunteered. I was going in!

Turns out, the hand-eye coordination thing is not as easy as it looks. I discovered, to my softball playin' shame, that I am not the best thrower. I had very little control on direction, and my throws turned out to be more of a "toss" than a fiery dart. Throwing was definately a skill that the boys had down a bit better than the girls. No fair that their big man-hands could palm it. However, some of the girls were the best catchers. So...."neener."

I managed to catch one guy out, and throw one guy out. Both great moments, (thank you Brian!) were caught on tape and you can see by clicking here:

You definately get a great workout... Mucho cardio and quite the adrenaline rush! But what I loved most about playing this "sport" was the fun of being on a team again. Team sports seem to be a thing of the past in most of our lives, but that is a shame that should be remedied.

Dodge and weave, people....