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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Business With Heart

Bassitt Auto Co. is this cute auto shop up the street from our house. You can’t miss it! It has a huge picture of a basset hound with a wrench in his mouth. It’s adorable and inviting from the road. Inside is even more spectacular. It looks like an old-fashioned “soda- fountain.” In fact, you can actually get something to drink from your “soda jerk” behind the counter while you wait for your car. The atmosphere is so fun and attractive, you just want to stay and hang out. It’s certainly not your typical auto shop!

Scott used to take our cars there. Those who knew Scott knew he would NEVER buy a new car. Not only did he consider this an insanely poor investment, he thought it was no fun at all. “Cars need work” he would say. And boy, throughout our years together, the Resnick cars certainly did. Scott’s mustang (s) were always in need of this or that. I remember dropping Scott or a car off at Bassitt many times. Scott believed they were a great company, honest, friendly, trustworthy and very knowledgeable.

No, this isn’t a plug for your car service needs. This is a story about a different kind of need, and a local business that rose above and beyond the call of duty.

After Scott passed, Craig Bassitt contacted us to ask if he could do something for our family. He remembers Scott and considered him not just a customer, but “part of their family.” He felt a calling to do something for the kids and I to show their support and care.

On Friday, they picked the kids and I up in their company limo. It was the children’s first time ever in one, and they freaked out! We actually used to pass this very vehicle all the time and Scott would tell Kiel, “When you turn 16, this is our next car. Mommy and I will hang out in the back and you can drive us around in style.” You know, I actually think he might have been serious!

We loaded up into the limousine, and Craig drove us to Red Robin (the kids favorite) and bought us all dinner. We sat, chatted, laughed, and ate until we were stuffed.

Our next destination was across town to a house in SE that had a litter of basset hound puppies. These dogs were the most adorable little things we’d ever seen! The kids were in HEAVEN! They snuggled and played with the puppies until they almost burst. But that wasn’t all…

You see, Craig had a professional photographer there to get pictures of the kids with the puppies. Not just for me to savor, but to put on the cover of a magazine they advertise in. They want the add to be more of an article on Scott’s legacy through his children. Again, not just a customer, but part of the family.

Bassitt Auto is also hosting their 5th annual “Cruise In” on August 14th. Craig wants to offer the proceeds from the event to our family for the children’s education.

I am overwhelmed by the true goodness of people… The love of our fellow man… The amazing way that a stranger becomes a cherished friend in an instant.

Thank you, Craig and Bassitt family, for a night we will never forget!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Waste Of Time

June 18, 2009

Thought today about how most women I know (including myself!) pick themselves apart in some way or another. We complain about our weight, our hair, our skin, our bums, our lack of this or our abundance of that. We just never seem to give ourselves a break.

In a small moment of clarity this morning, I recognized how ungrateful that is. Our bodies are incredible gifts that do amazing things. For those of us that are moms, you know just how unbelievable your body can be when called to the test! We are strong, capable and courageous creatures by design.

I also decided that it was a waste of time. “Waste” being the key word. To spend time criticizing that fabulous gift instead of using and appreciating it is simply wasteful.

Like it or not, we are also the “super models” for our children. As my daughters get older, I am more and more aware of how my own body image affects theirs. Pretty high stakes!

So for today, (and hopefully all the days that follow) I am committed to love myself: mind, soul and yes, BODY. I hope you will join me!